millenniumsorceress asked:

Can you elaborate a bit about Pot of Greed? What does it do? Come on, these are the questions that keep me awake at night. I once had an existential crisis because of this card.

se-to-oh answered:

Tʜᴇ Pᴏᴛ ᴏғ Gʀᴇᴇᴅ

A small essay by Se-To-Oh

The Pot of Greed is one of the most popular cards in the Duel Monsters universe - and for players as well. It appeared 39 times in the classic DM series and 62 times in GX. However, due to its popularity and players finding ways to abuse it, it’s often limited or downright banished from the tournaments, and now barely appears in the new anime series.

Legend says if you try to put your hand in the Pot of Greed, it will explode! Hah, it sucks to be you!


The Pot of Greed is green. Maybe it is a coincidence that greeɴ and gree are only one letter apart.

The green color is associated with abundance and prosperity. Perhaps it’s because money is usually green, but I think it is because the plants are green. If you got plants, you got food. Well, you might not eat salad, but your cows eat grass. You eat the cows so you are eating salad but association too! What about that, huh?

Anyway! People always wants more and more abundance, so the color green is also associated with one of the 7 sins. Guess which one…No! Not wrath! And it isn’t sloth either! It’s greed! Therefore, green is the color of choice for the Pot of Greed!

Pots allow you to hold things. Pots are also associated with abundance and fortune. Well, this one looks like a mug or a very ugly jar but I’m not complaining!

It also got this malicious red eyes and sneering yellow smile. All the teeth are molars, which are used to grind food. Usually, when an creature have mostly or only molars it takes a long time for them to be able to swallow the food, like the cows who spend the entire day grinding their grass in a very boring process. So if a Pot of Greed bites you, expect to have prolonged pain!

The yellow grin with big red lips is also a characteristic of the Joker. No really!


The Pot of Greed allows you to draw two cards from your deck. Shalt thou count to two, no more, no less. Two shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be two. three shalt thou not count, neither count thou one, excepting that thou then proceed to two. Four is right out and don’t even think about counting to five.

By drawing two cards, now your deck have two less cards and your hand got two additional cards. By drawing two more cards you may form a new combination to save your ass, or get a even shittier hand. It depends. I have bad luck so I often screw myself even with two additional cards. 

You can have cards which activate by drawing cards, like Solemn Wishes, to help you. However if the enemy got  Bad Reaction to Simochi you have a shitty luck. Some cards like Muka Muka gets stronger with two more cards but Infernity decks work better with less cards in hand so maybe you should think twice.

Why two? Well, one would be too little and three would be too much, therefore two is perfect.

And thus Pot of Greed allows me to draw the top two cards from my deck, except it doesn’t because it’s banned